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              Our Food Journey

              We're united to make a difference, with our people, in our communities, and through our products.

              A Message From Our CEO

              Bold Thinking. Bold Innovation. Bold Ideas.


              At Hormel Foods, we’re not just inspired to make great food. We’re inspired to make a difference.

              Our team of inspired people, 20,000 strong, is a collection of innovators and foodies, scientists and entrepreneurs, advocates and ambassadors, working together to build a distinctly different type of company, one that truly understands our position in the world and the difference we can make.

              Since the beginning, we’ve believed that social responsibility is more than giving away a percentage of our profits at the end of the year. While we are committed to many worthy causes, including cancer research and fighting childhood hunger, it is our core business – efficiently producing delicious food for the world’s growing population – of which we are most proud. We believe in making good food available to everyone. This means ensuring access to affordable, safe, nutritious and delicious foods with recognizable ingredients.

              Good business and good stewardship go hand in hand with environmentalism, water and energy conservation, and improvements designed to make our food supply safer and ultimately better for us all. Given our role in helping to feed America and the world for more than 125 years, we know that building social value and creating economic value are not competing goals. For us, there is no daylight between good citizenship and good business.

              We know that building social value and creating economic value are not competing goals. And where Our Path Forward is our compass, Our Food Journey is our North Star.

              We know that building social value and creating economic value are not competing goals. And where Our Path Forward is our compass, Our Food Journey is our North Star.

              Jim Snee, Chief Executive Officer
              • Jim Snee

                Jim Snee is chairman of the board, president and chief executive officer of Hormel Foods, one of the largest and most successful food companies in the world. Jim is the 10th president and chief executive officer in the company’s 125-year history.

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              Investing in our People and Partners

              We understand the power of partnerships –with our inspired team and those we work with.

              We understand the power of partnerships to accomplish more in this world. Our partnership approach includes our team of 20,000 inspired people. It is this focus that has earned us a spot as one of Forbes World’s Best Employers, among other honors. This spirit of collaboration extends to our long-term partnerships with a world-class group of suppliers, partners and retailers. We work together to strive for continuous improvement, unmatched responsibility and transparency ranging from sustainable sourcing and human rights to uncompromising animal welfare and environmental stewardship.


              A Day on the Mogler Farm

              We sent two world-class chefs to prepare a meal for our partners at Mogler Farms — three generations worth.

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              Inspired By Our Partners: Convoy of Hope

              Convoy of Hope is an important partner that helps Hormel Foods carry out its hunger-relief mission

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              Cooperation Beyond Words

              Jennie-O Turkey Store discovered a remarkable opportunity when they brought members of the deaf community into their workforce

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              Improving Communities and the World

              We understand the responsibility that comes with our name.

              We know that small changes or actions can in fact lead to large-scale and meaningful impact. Nowhere is this more evident than in the work Hormel Foods is doing to lift up communities around the world. In 2018, we donated more than $15 million to causes we care about – hunger, education and even cancer research. As one of the most admired food companies in the world, it is our obligation to create safe, wholesome food for all; be a good neighbor and motivated steward of our water, energy and land and do our part to reduce food waste.


              A Journey to Pine Ridge

              Our team members were nourished by a trip to feed the community of Oglala Lakota.

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              Riding Hope’s Trail

              Bentonville Sales Office champions new bike trail for kids in need

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              Let’s Bee Real

              We need bees to survive. Here’s how to join the hive-minded

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              Creating Products That Improve the Lives of Others

              Inspired People Creating Inspired Food with a Purpose

              As a global branded food company, we know how to create beloved brands, and as we do we never lose sight of the fact that we have a higher obligation to use our size and scale to help feed the world’s growing population. We believe in good food being available to everyone as we ensure access to foods that are affordable, safe, nutritious and delicious. We have focused on transparency and cleaner labels with foods that are simpler with more recognizable ingredients and helping people feel good about the food choices they make. We have also used our expertise to produce food that gives back – from our childhood hunger relief efforts in Guatemala with Project SPAMMY® to creating products designed for those undergoing cancer treatment, we will continue to lead the way in creating products that improve the lives of others.


              Trip of a Lifetime

              Products like SPAMMY® have made long-lasting impacts on Guatemalan communities and Wisconsin families alike.

              Meet the Crotteaus

              Bringing Home Cooked to the House

              Giving back to veterans, service members and their families for the holidays

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              Products with a Purpose

              How Hormel Foods is supporting cancer patients through nutrition

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